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主演:李东霖 丁子玲 宋允皓 





"Crossing the Boundary" is a spy war TV series released in mainland China in 2017 during the Anti-Japanese War. It has won the attention of movie fans and received unanimous praise. The plot setting of this drama is full of twists and turns, complicated and confusing, which allows the audience to integrate into the trend of the plot. The actors' movements and performance skills are also very top-notch, and each character in the play can show the characteristics of the characters with flesh and blood. This TV series also integrates a lot of spy war video materials, and the explosion and fighting scenes are shot very completely. The audience felt the difficulty of the spy fighters.

This TV series mainly tells that in the later period of the Anti-Japanese War, Japan’s defeat was set. To be able to start a duel with the Kuomintang and establish the dominant position of the Communist Party, both sides have also deployed many spies in Chongqing. In order to obtain accurate information, each spy was scattered in the corner of the street through disguise, and started the spy war. drama. At this time, Hou Tianliang and Bao Jiarong, who had returned from studying in Japan, were both in the Japanese spy intelligence department, and several forces also started investigations. In order to win the War of Resistance Against Japan, both sides sacrificed their precious lives.






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